Point Black unveils new ‘Form ni gani’ K63visual comic book on family planning


about our future and Family Planning.

  • How will family planning shape our Kenyan future in 2063?

Family Planning can shape our future. “What if guys of both genders didn’t walk out on their kids?” How perfect a world would it be if all children were born and the family was prepared for their arrival in every way?” This is an excerpt from new visual comic book titled “K63”—created by top Kenyan animator and graffiti artist: Point Blank.

Adapted into three episodes with each episode 5 – 8 minutes-long, K63 tackles Family Planning and the future of Kenya in 2063, 100 years after independence. The project is for both those who have children or are planning in getting a family going in the future. Inspired by a personal story, Point Blank says, “I wanted to make a project in honor of all the matriarchs out there and to make a product of such significance was very important to me.”

Speaking about the importance of this project to Form Ni Gani, Point Blank says, “#FormNiGani movement struck me as a search for debate and dialogue. Taking the time to know the circumstances surrounding the unplanned pregnancies, the hard times in family dealing with tradition minus progress, helps actually put things in perspective,” adding, “As a contribution to the movement as a creative who thinks and works visually for the past 11 years, a motion comic made sense.”

Named “#FormNiGani” (“what’s the plan”), the movement is meant to engage Kenyans in conversations about making informed decisions about our future and the crucial role of family planning in it. Despite its importance, many Kenyans lack access to both family planning methods and information.




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