9 years old Mombasa girl undergoes 21 surgeries for rare tumuor, 10 more surgeries to go…..she needs your help


As her friends and colleagues go on with their daily education and life, 9 years old Alena Mwende is fighting to cure a disease that has been disturbing her which has seen her undergo 21 surgeries and still expected to go through others.

Mwende who lives in Mikindani with her parents is suffering from a throat tumour that has blocked her voice. She is expected to go through other 10 operations to rectify the condition. The 21 surgeries were carried out in a span of 2 years.

Alena is a top performer in school and says that she aspires to become a singer and designer.

Those interested in helping Alena can send funds to Co-operative Bank account number 0011 0944 6381700, under account name Alena Medical Fund or M-Pesa pay bill number 301082 – account, Alena.

Source: Daily nation




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