Adelle meets Duchess of Cambridge as she takes the fight against cyber bullying to the world


Kenyan radio presenter Adelle Onyango is a victim of cyber bullying and so she has decided to personally take up the initiative of fighting the vice.

The radio presenter is currently in London attending the Children’s Media Global Summit (CGMS) for the 2017 edition where impact of social media on future generations and cyber bullying is among the top agendas.

While attending the summit Adelle had the privilege of meeting the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

She took to social media to share the great experience with her fans.

“So this happened today. I met and had a conversation with the Duchess (of Cambridge) – Kate Middleton! Gaaaaa!!! We spoke about cyber bullying, cultural differences between Kenya and the UK, content creation for digital platforms and how young Africans are reclaiming & redefining the African narrative!” she posted





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