“Avoid inciters or else you will have yourself to blame” Marwa to Mombasa Youth


Coast regional Commissioner Nelson Marwa has cautioned Youth especially from Mombasa County against being misused by politicians in this campaign period.

Addressing members of the press today at the Government Training Institute Mombasa, Marwa noted that there are already  cases of youth being used to cause chaos and tension in the County.

“Why should you be used by a politician just for political reasons then dumped after that, you need to be very careful since the government is watching too” said Marwa.

“We are going to deal with those using the youth and also the youth being used, you are going to have yourself to blame since the government will deal with you properly” he added.


The administrator also revealed that Police have already arrested two individuals spreading hate leaflets in Likoni.

Marwa charged “There are some people trying to scare some communities away especially in Likoni,  the County Commissioner and his team have already arrested two suspects and we are still investigating other cases and action will be taken too”.






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