Awiti officially launches his new political party


Nyali Member of Parliament Hezron Awiti has today launched his new Vibrant Democratic party.

The first time Mp who has set his eyes on the Mombasa Governor position will use the new party to vie for the Gubernatorial seat.

Awiti was the Treasurer of the wiper party, the party which got him to parliament.

He has alledged that there were some forces from wiper who have been frustrating his ambitions of becoming the next Governor of Mombasa.

Mombasa Senator and Wiper’s Secretary General Hassan Omar is also vying for the seat.

“I did not want to wait for what happened to me in ODM in 2013” argued Awiti.

In 2013 Awiti ditched ODM for wiper at the last minute after what he also termed as frustrations within ODM.

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