Big blow to Susumila as court rules in favour of ex wife Kibibi, exclusive copy of the ruling


Mombasa based artist Susumila has suffered a major blow after a kadhi’s court in Mombasa ruled that he takes full responsibilities of the daughter he has with ex wife Kibibi Salim.

The two had a dramatic separation few months after their wedding, the wedding did not last a year after which Kibibi decided to go to the Kadhi’s court. The marriage has now been officially dissolved by the court.

The court ordered that Susumila takes care of the Child’s upkeep including  medical expenses, School fees when the kid  starts attending school and also pay a monthly allowance of kshs 5,000 and provide clothing two times a year.

He was also ordered to pay the full dowry that they had agreed on with Kibibi’s family before marriage which amounts to kshs 100,000 , to pay edda maintenance of kshs 10,000 per month for three months which translates to kshs 30,000. Edda is  the period that a Muslim Woman observes after the death of her husband or divorce during which she is not allowed to marry any other man.

Below is a copy of the ruling exclusively obtained by Ommy Dallah


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