Boda boda riders in Likoni carry arms as attacks by passengers rise


Likoni boda bodas are working while armed, following attacks by people posing as passengers.

Police, however, say genuine passengers are also afraid at the turn of events.

“Things are very scary. You may not have an idea about who you are carrying.

“Everybody is armed. When a passenger turns out to be a criminal, you must defend yourself,” a rider whom the Nation established had a club, said.

Likoni OCPD Willy Simba said some boda bodas could be armed but added that even passengers were affected by the wave of crime that has hit the area.

He said his office was aware of two incidents.

“In a recent incident, a boda boda was stabbed to death in Mtongwe and his eyes and private parts removed.

“The other took place last month when a passenger was killed by riders at Shelly,” he said.


Mr Simba said following the attacks, police had warned riders not to carry “strange” passengers, especially at night.

He said police were asking residents to select riders they were familiar with.

“I wish county government officials could bar boda bodas from working beyond 10pm,” Mr Simba said.

He added that patrols had been intensified while more officers had been deployed in crime hot spots.

“We will ensure the riders adhere to the Highway Code because criminals do not follow the law.

“We call for cooperation from residents as we attempt to deal with crime. Police are here to protect every citizen,” he added.




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