Coast clerics call for peaceful elections


Coast clerics under the Coast interfaith Council of clerics(CICC) have called for free, fair,  credible and peaceful elections.

Addressing members of the press, CICC Chairman Bishop Lawrence Dena called on politicians to refrain from making remarks that will increase tension in the country ahead of the elections slated for next week Tuesday.

“We know some politicians are now desperate for more votes but this should not be an excuse to make remarks that will incite the people ” said Bishop Dena.

Bishop Dena also called on the Youths to avoid being misused by politicians to cause chaos during and after the elections.  He also advised the Youths to make sure they leave the polling stations after voting.

“To our Youths,  please don’t be misused by politicians,  when you are through with voting just leave the polling station and wait for results ” he charged.

He further called on government and the police to avoid using excess force and also instill confidence on Kenyans that there will be peace.

Dena noted”There are already cases of people travelling to up country  for fear of violence, the government should come out and instill confidence in its people that elections will be peaceful”

On his part, Sheikh Muhdhar Khitamy of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims called on Coast residents and Kenyans at large to come out in large numbers and avoid.

” We need to come out in large numbers and vote for responsible leaders despite of all the tension we are experiencing since its your vote that will determine your future” argued Sheikh Khitamy.

He further called on the police not to take sides.




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