Dela’s second album launch#Adenkule Gold, Locko (Cameroon) and Silvastone(UK) among artists featured in the album


Kenya’s power vocalist Dela is set to release her second album late this month at the Alchemist Nairobi.

Her first album ‘Paukwa’ was released in 2010.

In an interview with Ommy Dallah, the mafeelings hitmaker opened up  about the album and the artists  featured in it.

When will the album be released and where?

It will be released on the 30th of April at The Alchemist, Nairobi.

What is the name of the album?

The album is titled ‘Public Demand’. The fans have been clamoring for a second album, so I decided to give it to them.

How many songs are in the album?

The album has 15 tracks plus 1 bonus.

Should we expect collabos from artists outside Kenya in the album?

It feature artists from Kenya and across Africa: h_Art the Band, Kagwe, Gilad (KE/Israel) Adekunle Gold (Nigeria) , Locko (Cameroon), Silvastone (Sierra Leone / UK).

Many Kenyan artists have been shying from releasing albums for what can be term as fear, what would be your advise to them and any other artist who wants to release an album but is still reluctant?
The Kenyan music industry is still relatively young and so you’ll find most artists are independent and/or do music part-time. Releasing singles makes more sense, I would think, due to time and budget constraints. An artist shouldn’t feel like they have to put out an album. Especially in this digital era where physical album are basically becoming obsolete and artists have instant, direct contact with their fans. It really just depends on where an artist is in their career and what they’re trying to showcase, be it through a single, an EP, a mixtape or an album.




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