‘Disband NYS’, Senator Mutula tells President Kenyatta


Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo has called for the disbandment of the National Youth Service (NYS).

According to Mutula, NYS is the most mismanaged institution in the country and its high time the president cracks the whip.

He proposed that the institution be run under the Ministry of Devolution in conjunction with that of the Youth.

” NYS should be disbanded, we have given it a huge budget but its not functioning. The president needs to crack the whip”. Said Mutula

“Its very sad that the dirtiest cities in the country are Nairobi and Mombasa yet we have the NYS” he added.

Top officers at the management of NYS including Public Service PS Lilian Mbogo and NYS Director Richard Ndubai have since stepped aside and are under investigations over the recent 9 billion scandal in the institution, this is the second scandal to rock the institution.

The Senator however blamed the Youths in the country for being silent on matters directly affecting them , he called on the youths to stand up and be vocal.

Mutula charged “The youths have been very silent and its high time we start being vocal or else we will even lose the little seats that we have”




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