Election uncertainty hurting tourism sector , says CS Balala


The current political situation including the election uncertainty is hurting the tourism sector, Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has said.

Speaking in Mombasa the CS noted that most tourists and investors  are afraid of visiting the country because of the political temperatures current being experienced in the country.

Balala noted that they had projected an increase by 20 percent in the number of visitors this year up from 17 percent of last year but the current situation has made it worse.

“We were projecting at least 20 percent increase up from last year’s 17 percent but with the current situation am sorry its going to be difficult” said Balala.

“The burning of tires in Kibera, election uncertainty people doubting if there will be elections next month, all these are contributing factors” added Balala.

Balala is now calling on political leaders to restrain from actions that will end up making the situation in order to salvage the sector and the Country’s economy.

“Politics and Elections come and go but recovering from economic loss might take us forever, so we need to be very careful as leaders” argued Balala.





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