Eric Omondi blasted by a top Tanzanian comedian


Eric Omondi is a household name not only in Kenya but other African countries as witnessed through the attendance of most of his shows in the particular countries where he has managed to visit.

Eric who has also mastered the art of redoing some songs and bringing them out in a more comical manner started becoming a darling to many comedy lovers since his days at the churchill live show before going solo.

However, a top comedian from Tanzania Steve Nyerere is of the contrary, according to Nyerere, Erico as he is also reffered to has nothing new to offer apart from just redoing songs from other artists (Musicians).

Nyerere is quoted by one of the media outlets in Tanzania saying that he does not recognise Erico and the role he plays in the comedy industry , he also called on him to come up with his own ideas.




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