Fidels fashion plus eyeing the Mombasa market


As the demand for models to help in pushing for different brands and video vixens to spice up music videos continues to grow each day so is the cropping up of different model agencies.

One such agency is Fidels fashion plus.

The agency formed in 2015 and run by 27 yr old Kenyan-Tanzania based model Fidelis Odongo  has been very instrumental in promoting young talents especially in areas like Daresalaam and Tanga.


Fidelis is now seeking to expand his territory and is eyeing the Mombasa market.

“I was born and grew up in Mombasa and i have seen alot of talents here, we have good models but the thing is the talents have not tapped well and that’s what am seeking to do”said Fidelis.

“We need to promote each other as youths in terms of talents, there should be growth”he added.

Fidels fashion lab proprietor Fidelis  Odongo

Apart from the modeling agency, Fidelis also runs a clothing line in Daresalaam and Tanga that helps in dressing models and vixens.


“I have been able to dress some of the top models and vixens in Tanzania and can proudly say that is one of my biggest achievements”says Fidelis.

For more information you can also get in contact with Fidelis on whatsapp via +254717550779 , facebook : Elijah Fidel or instagram @elijahfidel






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