Haki Africa raises concern over election euphoria, calls for a change in Constitution to postpone elections

Haki Africa C.E.O Hussein Khalid addressing the press at a past event

Mombasa based rights group Haki Africa has raised its concern over the election euphoria that has currently grappled the country.

In a statement, Haki Africa notes that this has led to many other day to day necessities being ignored.

“This euphoria has led to many other day to day necessities being ignored” reads the statement.

“These include important matters such as health, security and food. Nurses are on strike, security forces are busy concerned with elections instead of public safety and communities are suffering from famine while national and county governments ignore them” adds the statement

It is now calling for a change of the constitution to postpone elections.

While elections are indeed important, it does not mean that at present time, Kenyans should suffer and even die. If need be, HAKI Africa is calling for a change of the Constitution to postpone elections so that the we put Kenyans first before elections. Politics should never be a matter of life and death for all Kenyans” argues the group.




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