‘I’m busy focusing on my wedding, not interested in side shows’ Sis P responds to Rabbizle


The drama between former lovers singer Sis P and producer  Rabbizle resurfaced just few days ago on facebook.

In a long facebook post, Rabbizle started by stating  how they met and how he helped in ‘nurturing’ Sis P’s talent and making her who she is today. Rabbizle also went ahead to deny claims that he was abusing her (Sis P) and that was the reasonfor their break up as she had earlier stated in an interview with one of the local radio stations.

“She was introduced to me by Nick Mumba when I still used to be at Big Sound Records, she was young, just out of high school. she had fire in her, low burning and I knew I could make it burn hotter. Aside from her talent, she was ambitious and hard working, that’s what I saw that pleased me and I knew I could make her blow up. I put her at the top of the chain of my production, after Frankie Dee Kenya, this made the other females in the stable a little jealous, I know that’s true Nelly Botta, don’t deny itWe worked, produced the first track which did quite well in the region considering it was a reggae dancehall and she was a new artist. In the process, we developed feelings for each other, we became attached, the love was good (and everything included). I fought for her (not literally), raised her to where she is right now, (yes am saying so cause she is still the same level or maybe even lower comparing to where I left her, nothing major since we parted ways), put her music on MTV, made her Coast Artist of the Year, awesome print, internet and live on air interviews that built her. ”  posted Rabbizle.

He continued “I gave her my all, made deals to see her music grow, turned down any offers that did not protect both her and my interests, let’s speak the truth here, I put a lot of hard work here and I had to protect my interests as well, am sure anyone would if you invested in someone or something. I even put my own development aside so I can make her grow. Then one day she wakes up and tells the media that I used to beat her up. This really frustrated me, left me depressed and it took me a while to recover from it, maybe I haven’t fully recovered cause the story maybe still going round. If you Google me, Rabizzle TheDoctorr you see her stories telling people of how I used to physically assault her. I SWEAR that I, George Rabar a.k.a Rabizzle TheDoctor NEVER beat her up.I forgive her, cause one day, this LIE, will catch up to her Let NATURE take it’s cause.” .

When contacted by Ommy Dallah for her comment concerning the status , Sis P stated that she is not aware of the status since she is no longer following Rabbizle in any of his social pages and that she has been busy with her personal issues.

“I dont know anything coz i dont follow him neither in contact. I blocked every means of communication with him 4 years ago. So sijui kunaendelea nini kwa life yake”. she said.

Sis P added “Am now focusing on pushing my new song number one and upcoming album coming out in a few months, plus my wedding”.

She also revealed that she will soon be walking down the isle with his current boyfriend , Producer Khalid.

She charged.”Just wait for invitation card. About our religions that does not matter. We love and understand each other’s background and as  long as both families have connected the rest is just a choice”








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