Joho follows Ali Kiba’s footsteps


It is in public domain that Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Bongo flava sensation Ali Kiba are  buddies. Whenever the artist is around (Kenya) he is always seen hanging around the Governor and during campaigns towards the last general election, Kiba endorsed Joho for a second term and even went ahead to record a song for him.

Joho was among the main players in Ali Kiba’s recent weddings in Mombasa and Daresalaam, in Mombasa where the main wedding happened, Joho hosted Kiba and his family for a celebration at one of their family houses in Kizingo not forgetting that Ali Kiba took his wedding vows at Masjid Kulthum, a mosque started and run by the Joho’s family.

The governor was also among top guests who attended the second wedding reception at the Serena hotel Daresalaam.

The two also seem to be reading from the same script when it comes to connecting with fans and supporters on social media. Just not long ago, Joho decided to unfollow all those he had been following on Instagram this coming after Ali Kiba made the same move sometimes last year.

In a recent interview with on of the local Tv stations in Tz, Ali Kiba revealed that he made the decision so as to know his loyal fans and supporters.




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