Kenya on the right path in fight against plastic bags

National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) Chairman John Konchella

Kenya is on the right path in the fight against plastic bags, this is according to the National Environment  Management Authority (NEMA) Chairman John Konchellah.

Speaking in Mombasa, Konchellah said the country is now at 95- 97% compliance revealing that the Authority is currently in talks with relevant sectors including the Kenya Association of Manufactures on how to do away with plastic bottles.

“The challenge now is on plastic bottles but we are in talks and have already signed a frame work on how we we can work on this. We want to do away with this mess” said Konchellah.

Most of these bottles find their way to the water bodies and sources thus posing a risk ” he added.

In addition the Chairman also called on hotels to consider inventing new ways of providing water to clients and not using the plastic bottles.

Konchellah charged” Hoteliers need to improvise a way of coming up with a big bottle, dispenser where guests attending a forum or using the facility can use in getting water and not using the plastic bottles”.

On his part Nema Director General Prof Geoffrey Wahungu noted that the compliance by Kenyans on the ban on plastic bags is a clear indication that Kenyans were yearning for it.

He however said that are still some challenges facing the ban.

“We have some plastic bags being sneaked into the country from our neighbouring countries like Tanzania and Uganda which have not enforced this ban. Other main challenges includes the mama mbogas and those who sell sugar cane on the road sides and our streets” said Wahungu.




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