Marwa calls for closure of 4 Nyali clubs for promoting immorality


Coast Regional Commissioner Nelson Marwa has called for the closure of 4 clubs in Nyali saying they are promoting immorality.

Addressing members of the press at his office this morning , the tough talking administrator noted that the clubs have become popular because of ladies who dance naked, strippers.

“These 4 clubs are promoting immorality, ladies dancing naked. They need to be shut down immediately” said Marwa.

“We are living in an Islamic community, why should this be allowed?, let them go do it elsewhere” he added.

Marwa has called on the County Government specifically Governor Hassan Joho to review licenses issued to the clubs and take action warning that if the County Government does not close them down then he will personally do it.

Marwa charged”Let the governor review the licenses given to these clubs and close them down or i will personally shut them down and am not joking about it”.

He however refused to mention the said clubs saying they are still subject under investigations.

The RC further warned joints which are still selling shisha in Mombasa saying they will soon face the law.




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