Meet the lady who claims to be in love with Governor Joho and that he makes her wet


A lady going by the name of Dorry Amonde Okoyo has decided to come out and make her feelings over Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho known.

Through a facebook post, Okoyo notes that Joho drives her crazy and that the thought of him(Joho) makes her wet, she goes ahead to state that she even has Joho’s potrait in her bedroom.

“Si kwa ubaya lakini this man drives me crazy, my phone is full of his photo, have got his portrait in my bedroom. He gets my nunu so so wet each and every time I think of him. 001 you can make me your sex slave not because of your money but you are handsome and cool I cant wait for that one day when you will have me in your arms ata kama ni one night stand coz you won’t regret it infact you will be pleading for more. Ladies post them photos of your secret admires (I mean top politicians) #valentinesmood fungua roho. I just can’t believe how much I got hurt when Mr President alifunga his two companies.”






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