Meg C set to make a comeback, finds a new name ‘Kidoli’


The last time that Meg C was in studio to record a song was in 2008 when she recorded ‘Elewa’ and ‘Nieleze’ under Ketebul , this was the same year that she also got married and had her first baby boy. She decided to take a break from music to focus on her family and her personal issues.

From then not much was heard about this mellow voiced artist until 2013 when rumours started doing rounds that she was pregnant and that a Nairobi-based CEO was responsible for the pregnancy, the rumours further claimed that the CEO was forcing her to abort an issue that she refuted.

She was quoted saying “Abortion is a crime for God’s sake! I have my two children and that’s all I know and I’m still proud as a mother. I have been indoors all this time planning my late husband’s fourth anniversary since he died. It is very unfortunate that people could say this hurtful thing about me yet I’m in Mombasa mostly indoors taking care of my two children,”

Meg C who quickly rose to fame after being featured in Jimwat’s ‘under 18’ song before releasing her hit track ‘Nipe’ is said to be on her way back to the industry.

Her  relationship with footballer Dennis Oliech also boosted her image in the showbiz industry.

She will be making a comeback with the name  ‘Kidoli’, this will be the third time she is changing her name. In 2013 , she changed her name from Meg C to Numa

She is currently said to be working with some Tanzanian artists and music producers as she prepares to officially re-introduce herself to the industry.




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