Mombasa celebrity Chef Ali offers to cook Githeri ya kuku for “The Githeri Man”


As Kenyans are busy waiting for the official Presidential results of the just concluded general elections, one man from Nairobi has managed to capture the attention of many Kenyans and left the internet community talking.

Martin Kamotho or The Githeri Man as he is now popularly known was captured with his plastic bag containing Githeri while queuing to vote. The picture went viral on social media and the media had to look for him and indeed they found him.

Kenyans on social media went a notch higher by creating some memes of the now famous Githeri Man. His fame also came with rewards, Safaricom went ahead to reward him with two Samsung S8 with one for his wife and also Tecno cannon for his son.

Another offer on his way is by Celebrity Chef Ali Mandhry, he has offered to cook for him Githeri ya kuku.

Chef Ali posted “Aki #GitheriMan it will be a great pleasure to cook for you Githeri ya kuku! Tena Live on Tv, Nimekualika Whoever did this made my day!😂✌️🇰🇪#chefalimandhry”




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