Mombasa Court issues warants of arrest against two Lamu MCAs facing incitement charges

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Alexander Muteti at the Mombasa law courts

A court in Mombasa has issued warrants of arrest against two Lamu MCA’s who failed to honor court summonses.

Resident Magistrate Martin Rabera issued the summons stating that the two had not given a peoper explanation for being absent.

Monica Kitunyu and Anthony Maina were supposed to appear in court to answer to charges of incitement to violence.

However, their lawyer Caroline Mboku told the court that her clients being leyman, had not understood that they were supposed to appear at the Mombasa law court.

My clients understood the summonses as asking them to appear before the Chief Magistrates court number eight in Nairobi and not Mombasa,”said Mboku.

The Magistrate was however, quick to caution her of lying to the court since the investgating officer through Assistant DPP Alexander Muteti had informed the court that the two were around the court premises in the morning hours.

He was also quick to tell her that her clients are learned by the nature of their job and should not lie to court of not understaing the summons.

Muteti asked the court to issue warrants of arrest against the two having been served the summons since October 12 and having been explained to them that they were to appear at the Mombasa law court number eight.

I apply for warrants of arrest since the two were aware of the proceedings and would like the court to deal with them accordingly,”said Muteti.

Muteti produced in court a letter drafted by Mogaka Omwenga and Mabeya advocates asking the plea to be differed to another date as the accused were persuing an out of court settlement.

The complaint is lodged by the National Cohesion and Intergration Commission through the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

In the charge sheet, Kitunyi is accused of uttering words that intended to incite the feelings of ethnic hostilities between the Kikuyu Christians and other tribesand Muslims in Lamu county.

She uttered,”you know the way the killed us in 2014 and now he continues killing our women and children in the hospital. Mumbi’s(kikuyu) house is a big house and cannot be finished(die) like that”.

The Magistarte directed the matter to be mentioned on October 25 for the two to take plea.





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