Mombasa is underperforming because most of its Mps are not graduates


An inspiring politician and Mombasa Business Man has come out to accuse the County Mps of being unqualified and non degree holders. According to Ali Mbogo this is the reason why the County has been underperforming.

Mbogo is eyeing the Kisauni Parliamentary seat currently being held by Rashid Bedzimba argues the residents have for a long time been subjected to unsatisfactory leaders.

He argued “Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city, but we don’t have a graduate MP. This has caused a lot of problems,”.

He however notes that the electorates are also to blame for choosing the leaders.

“If you do not have enough education, you can’t stand on the floor of the Parliament and articulate issues,” he asserted.

Source: The star




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