Mombasa Journalists put pens and notebooks down to save life

Journalists Sophie Njoka form People Daily(Infront)and Malemba mkongo of the Star newspaper (Centre) rescuing a Woman who had collapse at the Mombasa court after losing a case

Journalists are humans too, this was evident today at the Mombasa law courts where two female journalists had to put down their pens and notebooks to save a life.

The two court reporters Malemba Mkongo of the Star newspaper and Sophie Njoka of People daily had to put aside their reporting duties and rescued a Woman who had collapsed after she lost a case.

The Woman, Aisha kalinga could not hold it more after a magistrate decided to acquit four suspects who had been accused of defiling  her mentally challenged son.

The three accused persons  Jamal Salim,Mohammed Hassan and Daudi Mwachiro were charged with jointly defiling the 10 years  old boy on diverse dates in November 2015. The boy died on 2016.

Principal Magistrate Henry Nyakweba acquitted them citing lack of evidence.

The Woman is currently recovering at a Mombasa hospital.




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