New Video: Beka the Boy- Nyota


Beka the Boy has released his new single titled ‘Nyota’.

Beka the Boy, real name Julius Mlewa, is a Kenyan singer/Vocalist popularly known for his tinged vocals and highly attracting lyrics. He is also known by other nicknames such as Baraka Boss or Dumbo. Born in Malindi in the year 1990, he is the first born in a family of five.

Before he turned to music, Beka the Boy was an active soccer player with Maweni United a football club based in Maweni – Malindi town as the captain.  Later on he decided to change course and try his luck in the music world, hence joining a Bango Band going by the name Sea Waves as a soloist vocalist which gave him the much needed confidence on stage performance. He sang in the Bango Band until late 2015, when he decided to move out and pursue his own music career. Luckily in his effort of searching for a breakthrough, he came across his current executive producer Mrs. Francesca Regaiolli who has worked with him ever since.

Beka the Boy’s music releases have garnered a considerable radio and TV airplay and also gotten a good number of views on YouTube, he is now ready to take on Kenya and the rest of the world with his new music.

His most recent projects are Utanikumbuka, Najuta, Nimefall, Time and now the mellow Nyota which has been launched. Nyota is written by Beka The Boy, produced by Totti and video shot by East Africa’s top director Kevin Bosco.




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