Nonini to scout for talents in Mombasa


In a bid to nature and promote young talents popular artist Hubert “Nonini” Nakitare has come up with a talent search that will see him scout for talents in different parts of the country.

Among the regions set to benefit from the talent search is Mombasa County.

Speaking at Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar’s office, Nonini revealed that the Mombasa search will be held on 5th August.

“As a way of giving out a chance to other talents we deemed it fit to at least start a talent search and we have already done it Nairobi, we will be in Mombasa on 5th August so all you just need to do is follow my social media pages and you will be updated on every information” said Nonini.

He revealed that they will be responsible for promoting the music work of the winners from production, video shooting and marketing.

“We are going to take the responsibility of producing your song as a winner, shoot the video and also market it”. he noted.

Speaking at the same time, Mombasa hip hop artist Ohms Law Montana argued some music producers and  established artists have been taking advantage of the young talents and sometimes “conning” them.

“There are alot of young artists out there who are going through alot but cannot speak out, as a young artist you approach a producer or another artist to do a work with them, you pay them but at the end of the day they go missing with your money” .

On her part female artist Maya called for a level playing field and respect irrespective of status.

“Its very sad that we have some artists referred to as upcoming artists, these artists are only used for curtain raising for the so called big names and not paid with an excuse that they have been given a platform to introduce and market themselves through the shows, we need to stop this, no one should be used to curtain raise, we all need to earn, get something from our talents” she argued






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