Nyota Ndogo cries for expectant mothers as doctors strike persists


A recent research conducted by Ipsos has shown that most Kenyans are opposed to the ongoing strike by doctors. The results shows that 65 percent of Kenyans are against it.

The strike has interfered with services in most hospitals especially the public hospitals which have seen no doctor attending to patients.

Coast based artist Nyota ndogo has also added her voice on the issue, she is pleading with the doctors to at least go back to hospital and attend to patients especially expectant mothers.

she noted ” Jamani madakitari nawaomba murudi kazini wakenya wanakufa jamani twajua mwataka haki yenu ni sawa but kumbukeni wamama wajawazito haswa fikirieni wachini pia. Siku kama sitini madakitari wamegoma ( I plead with you doctors to please return to work, Kenyans are loosing their lives , we know you are demanding for your rights but please consider those expectant mothers especially and the local mwanachi)”.




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