Nyota Ndogo ruthlessly attacked on social media over her recent pictures


She is among the biggest critics on social media especially when it comes to ladies  posting nude pictures and others that she has also be terming immoral an issue that has led to be in at logger heads with even her fellow artists like Colonel Mustapha.

Well it now seem Nyota Ndogo is getting back her own dose, yesterday the singer posted some pictures of herself which have not well been received by some of her fans and social media users in general.

She posted the pictures that she is seen on what might be too much make up noting that she was heading to a party little did she know that they will back fire. Some of her fans have now come out criticisng and accusing her of bleaching with a section of critics taking issue with the type of camera she uses considering the quality of the pictures

To find her main intention and aim of the pictures, Ommydallah.com decided to reach out to her through her personal mobile number but things did not go well. A notable angry Nyota quickly hanged up the phone even before i finished shooting  the question

check out the pictures





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