Otile Brown hits out at fellow artists over disunity, refers to them as “washamba”


Otile Brown has come out to express his concern over what he terms as “disunity” among Kenyan artists.

Through a long facebook post, the artist called out on Kenayn artists arguing they first need to support each other before complaining of lack of support from Kenyan fans.

Otile charged “Yani jamani kwenye hii game kuna WASANII wana MARINGOOO..and they’re broke as fuck .acting all special na hawana kakitu .. Mtabaki kuishi kwenye majumba ya kupanga na kuendesha magari madogo ya secondhand wakati Uganda/Tanzanian Wasanii wanaendesha Magari makubwa tena wanaishi kwenye Bangalore yao wakati Kenya ndio inchi yenye Uchumi mkubwa 😂Always feeling like we’re asking so much from the Kenyan audience . Always complaining ” Ooh Kenyans don’t support their own “ but do we support each other as artists ? ” Ooh Kenyans don’t love their own ” but do we show love to one another as artists ? NONSENSE!”

“And by the way Kenyans do love and support their own ,I have seen people win in this game. And if we want them to support us more , we must set an example by supporting each other as artists .Trust me , the habit of kenyans not loving their own like other countries , is just a mind set that can be changed by us as artist and the media houses ..It won’t cost a thing to support your fellow artist..haitakupunguzia chochote , riziki yako ni yako tu ..and by the way i don’t mean we show love and support each other by doing collabos No! just help push each other’s projects and make the game vibrant again like it used to be in the 2000s….Hehehe My Friend! The moment you guys will realise that wen this game is not vibrant and has no several artists that are doing well even the So called ” International artist” in the game will be considered as local artists and they’ll always be offered peanuts for gigs coz they’ll always compare you na Wale wasee wa Naija ukija hapo na figure zako sijui 1.million they rather add a million and call Yemy Alade ..kama kawaida ..So If every artist is for himself then just plz stop complaining coz Kenyans don’t give a fuck my friend , in fact the more you complain the more you look cheap..++ and always stop looking for reasons to hate on Naija artists.Just my piece of mind I aint trying to prove anything or bash anybody Tungechangamsha game kwanza ndo muanze MARINGOOO yakishamba” he added




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