Politicians scrambling for votes from Mombasa creatives

Wiper's Mombasa County Gubernatorial Candidate Hassan Omar(on white and blue cap) following a presentation at the little theatre club during a meeting with creatives yesterday

As the day for the general election approaches, politicians running for different seats have been trying to rich out to different quarters in order to gain their support and elect them during the election.

In Mombasa one of the quarter that has seen the major contenders especially in the Governor race approach them and ask for their  support is the creative industry.

First on the list to approach the artists and other players in the creative industry was Jubilee’s candidate Suleiman Shahbal who held a dinner with the players at the Bliss hotel where he promised to improve the industry and its standards by empowering the players.

Shahbal noted “We have given alot of priority to talents from outside and leaving behind our own, this is very dangerous and things have to change. We will start our own talent search, Mombasa got talent which will take place every year,  this is just part of my agenda to creation of employement and empowering our youth”

Section of Mombasa entertainers endorse Shahbal

Another candidate for the seat to follow suit was the current Governor Hassan Joho who also had a meeting with another  group of creatives  some few days ago at the little theatre club and as it is the norm he too spelt out his agenda and had some promises to make.

One of his main promises was to equip the little theatre club and empower the players through their work by pushing for by laws at the county assembly that will see them benefit from their work.

Joho charged “There has been a discussion about equipping the facility, little theatre club but there has also been worries that some individuals will come out and ask why invest on something that is not purely a public entity but i believe we can circumnavigate all that and do something about it so that you as the artists can also benefit from this facility”.

“Use me to get international connections” Joho to Mombasa artists

Just yesterday Wiper’s candidate Senator Hassan Omar also met some creatives at the little theatre club where he shared his agenda for the industry which was also about empowering the stakeholders and making sure they benefit from their work.







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