Quick 10: Maureen Bandari


1…..What was your first phone?
my first phone was a blue Nokia 3310. My uncle bought if for me after passing my KCSE exams as a gift. Unfortunately,I didn’t get to use it much since it got stolen a few weeks later.

2……Which is your favourite book and movie?
To be honest I don’t have a favorite book but I have a genre that I like and that is any book that talks about success and self development. In most cases they are written by successful business people or experts in a certain field. I always learn a thing or two. I am currently reading the 33 strategies of war by Robert greene. As for movies, the proposal featuring Sandra Bullock is my all time fave, i’m such a hopeless romantic

3……Which kind of music do u like?
I love everything except rock, classical music, rhumba and country.

4…..Who is your favourite local and international artist?

currently my favorite has to be Victoria Kimani. This lady puts in work and makes quality videos as well. She doesn’t ride on one song all year round and her songs are catchy and easy to dance to. I think I know the lyrics to all her songs. Akothee is another artist that has impressed me with her dedication and hard work as well. Internationally, I still love Beyoncé but lately I’m loving this all girl group called fifth harmony. Also, can we just classify Vanessa Mdee as international? love her music.

5……What part of your job do you like the most/ find interesting?

I love the discussions I have with doctors especially those in rural kenya and later seeing the impact of my work to their patients through their feedback. It’s always fulfilling to know that you have added value to someone’s life

6…… What inspired you to get into your job?

Honestly, The need to utilize my degree at first. However it is so dynamic and you get to have an understanding of how customers relate with brands as you sharpen your skills in marketing. something you will never learn in school but rather in the field.

7……..If you were a politician, what would you change in our society?
I will teach my people and my colleagues to be selfless by sharing what you have with others. Don’t be in power and use that as your time to eat. If we learn to help each other and do things that helps us all as a society, we create a better environment for ourselves and the future generation. We will stop thinking about how individuals can benefit and move the conversation to how the whole society can benefit. This is only possible if as a politician, you or I lead by example. Also, I will impose hefty fines on anyone found littering. It’s high time we became responsible and live in a clean environment. It’s a shame to look at our cities sometimes.

8…… If you were to change your career which one would you go for?

haha something in the fashion industry I guess but I was a dancer at some point as well. Anyway, probably something to do with arts for sure. I’m a creative individual and loves to explore so that is an ideal and natural alternative sector for me.

9…….What has been your fear since childhood? 

I know this is cliché but fear of failure is way too real for me. I always try my best to achieve my goals and be somebody in the society. I keep pushing myself to be better at everything I do. Sometimes it gets to a point I have a melt down but I pick myself up and continue to fight. It’s not over until It’s over.

10……What would be your advice to the youths? 

well, let me tell them as it is. Nothing comes easy. Whether you have talent, whether you are gifted in one way or another, nothing comes easy and no one owes you anything. Therefore , put in work in whatever you do. people might not appreciate you right now but keep working and you will get there. Also, It doesn’t hurt to have a life coach or a mentor to help you get to where you are going. There is no need to take a long detour to your destination when you have experts who can guide and help you get there faster. Also, stay away from drugs!

Maureen Bandari is a fashion blogger based in Mombasa, she runs the blog http://www.thefunshionmistress.com/

She has been able to work with numerous brands including dark and lovely during their style style me project with African bloggers. She has also on numerous occasions been invited to speak at Women events on personal style. She also recently won the blogger of the year title at the pwani fashion week awards. Apart from blogging she is also a medical representative.





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