Quick 10: Meshack Kimutai

1…What was your first phone?

Nokia 3310. I was in class 8 then

2…Which is your favourite book and  movie?

My favourite book is the Holy Bible . I read it everyday on my phone . It guides me alot

My favourite movie is Prison Break. I can watch it and watch it again . It has interesting lessons . Tyrant is also a good one .

3….Which kind of music do u like?

I love Hip Hop music. From Dr Dre, Snoop, Birdman , Kanye, Drake to Beyonce

4…..Who is your  favourite local and international artist

My favourite local artist is Chemutai Sage. She sings my music .

Beyonce is my favourite international Artist . I have a crush on her . Her performance at This week’s BET awards is the best performance by any Artist since God created mankind

5…….What part of your job do you like the most/ find interesting?

The part of my job that I find interesting is travelling

6…..What inspired you to get into your job?

My challenges inspired me to be who I am today

7….If you were a politician, what would you change in our society?

I’m a politician. I’m aspiring for MP in Emgwen Constituency 2017. I’m the real deal . I will effect the change and empower the marginalised.

8……If you were to change your career which one would you go for?

I can’t change my career my friend !

9….What has been your fear since childhood?

Since childhood I fear 3 things . Cold water , Darkness and heights

10….What would be your advice to the youths

The youth should stop looking for jobs and instead create jobs . Self reliance is important and that way , we will be empowered.

Meshack Kimutai is a business man he runs the seal tour company in Mombasa. He is also an aspiring politician eyeing the Emgwen Constituency parliamentary seat . He is also the chairman of the Kenya youth alliance





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