Quick 10: Sharon Fabrinsky


1…What was your first phone?

My first phone was nokia kabambe.My parents gave it to me when I joined high school.

2…Which is your favourite book and movie?

My favourite book is Gifted hands by Ben carson.
Fav movie is Fault in our stars.I have watched it more than thrice and I dont mind watching it over and over again.

3….Which kind of music do u like?

Any type of music that is worth listening too.
4…..Who is your favourite local and international artist

I cant tell when it comes to local artist yet but international I’ll go for Ed Sheeran any day any time.
5…….What part of your job do you like the most/ find interesting?

Being able to potray the character of someone else.That is my best part

6…..What inspired you to get into your job?

I have always wanted to tell a story through acting and being able to inspire someone.

7….If you were a politician, what would you change in our society?

I dont think I can handle politics but I would love to be able to bring all kenyans together and assure them that we are equal.
8……If you were to change your career which one would you go for?

I would be a Pyschiatrist.I am going to be a pyschiatrist.That is something I aspire to be.

9….What has been your fear since childhood?

My fear has always been not being able to move foward and achieve my goals.I have so many dreams and I hope I will achieve them all before alI visit the world with no return.

10….What would be your advice to the youths

My advice would be.Always reach for your dreams.Work hard.Dont be scared to try new things and believe in your ability to be greater than who you are.
And dont forget to have fun.This age comes once in a lifetime.

Sharon Fabrinsky is an actress,writer,host and aspiring psychiatrist.
She is currently working on a few projects that are yet to be launched.




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