Quick 10: Sister Shanniez

Sister Shanniez is a radio presenter with Kaya Fm, she hosts the daily show, Kaya flevas


1…What was your first phone?


2…Which is your favourite book and  movie?

GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

3….Which kind of music do u like?

All kind of music provided i understand the language/lyrics

4…..Who is your  favourite local and international artist

Local;All of them
Internationally; am a Beleiber (justin beiber)

5…….What part of your job do you like the most/ find interesting?

Interaction with young minds and also agenda setting.

6…..What inspired you to get into your job?

I have been raised to be vocal about everything that affects me and the society. My job gives me the platform to continue with this.

7….If you were a politician, what would you change in our society?

How the game of politics is done. Its too dirty.

8……If you were to change your career which one would you go for?


9….What has been your fear since childhood?

Dying poor

10….What would be your advice to the youths

There is no shortcut to success




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