Quick 10 : Solomon Zully

Solomon Zully is a presenter and news caster at Radio Salaam. He hosts the morning show, Kauli yako
1…What was your first phone?

Hehe I cant Remember but it was a Samsung  Something, I still do Samsung to date maybe I should be the brand ambassador. lol

2…Which is your favourite book and  movie?

Movie definitely, Wolf of Wallstreet, Greay Gasby and Money Monster.hehe

Book. A leader without Tittle by Sharma.

3….Which kind of music do u like?

I love music so I listen to anything and everything so long as it’s good music.

4…..Who is your  favourite local and international artist

I don’t have a specific artist cause I listen to anything that is qualified to be Music, but I appreciate the guys who did it in the 80s n 90s akina Lionel Richie hehe am stuck in a certain age, huko zamani.

5…….What part of your job do you like the most/ find interesting?

Interacting with People, meeting new people each and every day by the way working in A News Talk Station sometimes you are forced to find solutions to some of the problems the community face, as I rest in the evening thinking of how the day was, it gives me pleasure to know that I have made an impact in someone’s life by finding a solution  to his/her problem.

6…..What inspired you to get into your job?

My GrandPa  was a Provincial Press Officer during the times of kina Mzee Jomo Kenyatta at KBC,seeing him during those days do his thing inspired me to be in this profession,actually I knew what I wanted  to be as early as class 6 I meet my friends sometimes and the first question is if I am in Media.

7….If you were a politician, what would you change in our society?

I come from a county that is hit with Famine year in Year out given an opportunity, I would definitely give the society clean water,food n shelter then create job opportunities.

8……If you were to change your career which one would you go for?

At one Time family used to refer to me as Dr. Solomon, probably I would be a doctor in another world, I will still be serving the community.

9….What has been your fear since childhood?

Failure…. I hate Failure, everybody should.

10….What would be your advice to the youths

Do you  and be you, never let anything put you down, things might not be working out but remember, SEA NEVER DRY. As you rest in that casket one day let people remember you for something Positive  you did.





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