See the house that Nyota Ndogo has built for her mum….photo


Coast based celebrated singer Nyota Ndogo has finally achieved on of her life goals, building her mum a house.

According to the watu na viatu hitmaker, she had made a promise to her mum and herself to make sure that she (mum) has her own house.

Nyota who has also managed to build herself a spacious house in Voi took to social media to share the picture of mum’s new  house.

“Mungu akikuezesha japo kidogo do it.nilimpromiss my mum nitamjengea hata kama ni nyumba kiasi but nae awe na kwake.nimemchagulia muundo huu.nyumba sio kubwa kama yangu but ndio uwezo wangu.we start tmr inshallah.raha ya mamangu furaha yangu pia (I promised my mum that i will construct a house for her, i chose this design though its not that big but its all that i can afford. It brings me joy when mum is happy”she noted




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