Senator Omar leads Wiper party Mombasa candidates in paying artists royalties

Mombasa County Senator and Wiper party Gubernatorial aspirant Hassan Omar presenting a cheque to PRISK Director Hubert Nakitare (Nonini) at his Renaissance offices in Mombasa.

Mombasa County Senator and Wiper party Gubernatorial candidate Hassan Omar has today led a group of fellow candidates vying for different seats in Mombasa through the party(wiper) in paying artists royalties for using their music in campaigns.

Omar presented a cheque of kshs 150, 000 to the Performers Rights Society of Kenya(PRISK) and Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) with Zamzam Mohammed who is vying for the position of County Women Mp presenting a cheque of kshs 50,000 and all candidates for the seats of Member of County Assembly in 30 different wards each paying kshs 15,000.

Present during the occasion which took place at the Renaissance centre was PRISK Chief Executive officer Angela Ndambuki ,  Directors Nameless and Nonini. KAMP Chairman Justus Ngemu was also present at the occasion.

On his speech, Omar who is also the Wiper party  Secretary General promised to nature and promote local talents when elected as the next County governor.

Omar blamed piracy among other factors for the poor state of local acts.

“Its very sad that one is ready to burn and have a copy of different music on a CD but cannot buy original work , we need to change, and if you are conscious make sure that when you get home you dispose that burned CD and start buying original work to promote our artists” said Omar.

“We need to start recognising and promoting our own talents and not focus too much on those  from outside” he added.

He further encouraged his fellow politicians to make sure that they too pay the royalties  arguing this is a way of empowering and appreciating their (artists) work.

Sarai charged “This is a legal obligation and there is no any other way about it, we as politicians need to abide by it. The police have the right to stop your campaign caravan if you have not pay so please lets play our part”

Nameless encouraged the local artists who have been complaining of being sidelined never to give up and keep on doing their best.

“You will never start earning and become big without you working hard and proving that yes you can. You need to prove it, work hard and never give up though it will not be easy but never give up” noted Nameless.

Nameless took the opportunity to call on other politicians to make sure that they pay for using artist’s work.

“What you have done today Senator sends a very big message to artists out there. We are okay with politicians using our work in their campaigns, what we are asking  is for them  to just please pay for that work”. he said.






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