Susumila’s secret for success


It goes with no doubt that Susumila is one of the few successful artists from Mombasa who have also managed to stand the taste of time. His star has continued to shine day by day and has never dissapointed his fans when it comes to giving them what they need, good music.

Another thing that Susumila has managed to do which is not that common in Mombasa is attracting the corperate world, thus benefiting from different shows and other lucrative deals.

Well, i managed to at least have him share with us the secret behind his success. According to him , the media has played a very major role on who he is today.

“I can personally say that the media has played a very big role in making me who i’m today. And am very thankful that they have been very supportive to me” he charged.

On whether he has any problem or has ever been involved in a tiff with any media outlet or personality ” Yes i had issues at one time but we settled it and i cant talk more about a thing of the past that we managed to solve . For now  i dont have any problem with any one, am  focusing on my music”.

Susumila also had a word to share with upcoming artists especially from Mombasa

He asserted “Alot of guys have been complaining about media support but trust me,  if you do a nice job, release a track that people can listen to then the radios, presenters and djs will play it, so stop blaming them and focus on your output. Make the media your friend ”

His parting shot “You will definitely get the needed support if only you come up with something good and satisfying”







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