Tanzanian actress publicly expresses her affection towards President Kenyatta


Tanzanian based actress and former Media personality Antu Mandoza has joined fellow celebrities the likes of Idris Sultan and Ray C in expressing their love for Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through twitter , Mandoza who is also a cast in the movie  “Kiumeni” noted she is confident of Uhuru’s win in the coming October Presidential election she went ahead to state that she is in love with the President’s style of politics.

“I Antu Mandoza , I wish Uhuru Kenyatta a massive win. I love the man’s politics and him putting the word peace at front for Wakenya fanya kweli” she tweeted.

In an earlier interview with Ommydallah, Idris Sultan also expressed his love for the President describing him as “flexible”

Video: This is what Idris Sultan thinks of President Kenyatta




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