Tanzania’s Yamoto band speak on their experience at Coke studio and next project(Audio)


Their song, nitakupwlepeta brought them to the limelight and managed to capture the heart of music lovers not only in Tanzania but also beyond the borders in countries like Kenya.

The combination of their talents, chemistry has made the band a force to reckon with and has also served as a source of inspiration to many young artists in Tanzania and East Africa at large which has seen the emergence of similar bands.

The band made up of four talented young boys,  Aslay, Maromboso, Ennock Bella and Beka1 got the opportunity to be part of this year’s coke studio where they paired up with Ethiopia’s Lij Micheal to create a smash up.

Well. in an interview with Kiss Fm Tanzania, the boys opened up about their experience at the studio, they also got the opportunity to share with their fans on their next project.

Listen to the interview below.

below is their perfomance at coke studio




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