Top Mombasa female Dj shares the challenges she faces in her career


For most especially party lovers all we that we are interested in is good music when clubbing or attending a party , music that will make one enjoy the party without feeling bored, all this depends on the deejay who actually goes through alot just to make sure that the we are entertained.

Well, there are a number of challenges that deejays go through in their line of duty or in their career more so female djs.

One of Mombasa’s top female Dj Sashy has come out to share with us the challenges that come with the career.

In a social media post, the Dj who is also a mother of one posted

“Being a DJ is not as easy as people think.most think it’s fun ati “awwwwww your job is just so awesome it’s just partying everyday”.being a DJ is not just playing a song and lifting your hands up,it entails so much.Most think your life is just full of fun,alcohol is there anytime you want,most of us don’t even taste alcohol when working but still you get questioned how you do it sober but they end up concluding you do weed instead.Others think we sleep all can you sleep all day when there’s so much to research on,how can you sleep all day when you have a family to take care of,how can you sleep all day when you have meetings and meetings to can you sleep all day when you have house chores.we get to be judged so harshly by the society,Getting into a real relationship is not even possible because 90% of guys are so insecure.getting enough sleep is not even near possible even when you are not working since you got used to be awake a certain hour no matter what you will be awake.people say it’s a man’s world and that women are only meant to be home at night.passion drives you to do what most hate and whatever people say or think you find yourself more happy every time you get home in the morning after a long night.deejaying is just like any other career just like we have female doctors and they work night shifts but society can’t see that,All it does see is a woman in a club surrounded by men and alcohol.#respectourhustle





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