“Use me to get international connections” Joho to Mombasa artists


Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has challenged artists from the County to use him in seeking partnership with international artists through his connections.

Addressing a gathering of artists at the little theatre club, Joho noted that he is well connected with some of the international artists who he can easily connect them to the local artists for partnerships.

“Some of these international artists from Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries are my personal friends, some even come to my place, we sit down for a chat. Instead of you complaining how the Governor is associating with them use it as an opportunity to get connections with them too, feel free to approach me and ask for collabos with them” argued Joho.

“Let me tell you one thing my friends, there is no way you are going to succeed without connecting and partnering with these international artists, you need to get to the international scene” he added.

Joho also vowed not to stop any individual or organistaion that seeks to bring an international artist in the county for a show arguing this is a way of marketing the County.

Joho noted “There is no way am going to stop an individual from bringing an international artist in Mombasa infact i will encourage them, as the County Government we are going to provide some facilitation like traffic marshals and security. When that artist comes to perform in Mombasa he or she is marketing our county and putting it in the international radar, we need to encourage that”.

The Governor who is currently defending his seat further promised to push for a legislation  through the County assembly that will see local artists benefit from their work, he also promised to equip the little theatre club.

“There has been a discussion about equipping the facility, little theatre club but there has also been worries that some individuals will come out and ask why invest on something that is not purely a public entity but i believe we can circumnavigate all that and do something about it so that you as the artists can also benefit from this facility” he charged.







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