After names calling and publicly attacking each other, finally Joho and Awiti share lunch


Mombasa County Political rivals Governor Hassan Joho and Nyali Member of Parliament Hezron Awiti have been involved in a series of attacks publicly and names calling after Awiti announced his interest for the gubernatorial position come 2017 and becoming a fierce critic of governor Joho. Just recently during the mashujaa day celebrations at the Mombasa stadium, Aiwiti walked out of the celebrations after a section of the local Mp’s loyal to Joho decided to attack him over his interest. Upon taking the podium Joho also attacked Awiti after he criticised him on his foreign trips resulting to Awiti responding with very harsh words.

The two leaders together with Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar who has also been perceived to be a critic of the governor after he questioned the county government’s expenditure got the opportunity to share a meal on Tuesday aboard the Turkish flagship TGG Gemlik.

The three had all been invited by the ship’s captain and commander Rear Admiral Ayhan Bay and shared the same table with Awiti and Joho sitting next to each other. It is however reported that they did not engage in politics.




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