Government shopping for a new KPA MD

KPA current MD Catherine Mturi

The Government is said to be in the process of shopping for a new Managing Director of the Kenya Ports Authority to replace the current one Catherine Mturi.

According to a reliable source, the Government has been forced to search for a new MD due to the slow pace of the SGR freight services which is one of the Government’s top projects.

The source revealed that the issue came up during a state house meeting between the President and all parastatal heads few weeks ago.

“The recent reshuffle  that was announced by waziri at the port are just part of the changes that the government wants to instill at the port because of the slow pace of SGR freight services which has disappointed the president” said the source.

The source further revealed that Mturi might be appointed as an ambassador in one of the foreign countries to represent Kenya  after the Government finds a new MD.

“You will soon receive news of a new MD at the port while Mturi will be sent to represent Kenya in a foreign country” noted the source

Mturi was appointed as the MD in 2016 after the sacking of Gichiri Ndua. KPA’s board Chairman Marsden Madoka term is also said to be expiring soon which will also see other changes made at the board.

Among those considered to take over from Mturi is the former head of legal services(KPA) Muthoni Gatere and the newly appointed General Manager in charge of operations and Harbour Master Capt William Ruto.

Engineer Abdillahi Samatar is also said to be among the individuals who might be taking over from Mturi. Samatra was the General Manager in charge of Infrastructure Development but has now been deployed to Kisumu port.

Capt Ruto took over Sudi Mwasingo who was also  affected by the recent changes made at the port.  Sudi was deployed to Kisumu port.

This comes just few weeks after Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia gave KPA and Kenya Railways directors 48 hours to make sure all un-nominated cargo is transported by SGR.

Macharia accused cartels especially those who own CFSs of trying to frustrate the SGR freight services.

Macharia was quoted saying “”We do not mean to be draconian, but if need be, we shall be draconian,”.

The Government has also been of late offering incentives to woo cargo owners to use the SGR with the recent one being  slashing of cargo handling fees at the depot in Embakasi.

The charges were reduced  by as much as 23.5 per cent for cargo destined for the Kenyan market and by almost a third for goods destined for other countries in the region.







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