Haki Africa wants number of constituencies and counties reduced , says they are a burden to tax payers

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid

Haki Africa has called for the reduction of the number of Constituencies and Counties in the Country.

According to the human rights body the Country can no longer sustain the number of politicians currently in the country whose wage bill has now become a ‘burden’.

According to the group’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) needs to reduce the number of constituencies to 12, counties to 10 and only 30 Mps to represent special interest groups in  parliament bringing the total to 150 Mps.

When it comes to counties Haki Africa proposes they be restructured to  provinces  with Eastern and Rift Valley being divided into two each, lower and upper provinces.

“Out of these 150 Mps, each should not earn in total more than kshs 200,000. The 10 Governors should each not earn more than kshs 300,000. Haki Africa strongly believes that as a country we must reduce the stakes of politics if we are to move forward” said Khalid.

Haki Africa also took issue with the Mps retreat currently ongoing in Mombasa arguing its a waste of public funds noting that such meeting can be held even in parliament.

“According to estimates by Haki Africa of the ongoing Mps conference in Mombasa, over kshs 35 million is being spent on meals and accommodation for the six days that they will be around, over 12 million is further spent on flights alone, allowance amounts to over kshs 20 million yet all that is being done at the conference could easily be done in parliament or parliament precincts” argued Khalid

“Funny enough is that most of these Mps dont attend the conference, they are always at the beach swimming and eating” he added.

Kahlid further revealed that they have already submitted their proposal to the IEBC calling on the Commission to make sure that politicians don’t take charge of the debate or exercise upon its commencement.

Khalid charged “We should avoid making politics a juicy field that everyone just wants to venture into it , politicians should be paid as servants and not kings”





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