Kwale Sugar Company comes to the aid of less fortunate and needy


Less fortunate families in Kwale county benefited from food distributed courtesy of the Kwale International Sugar Company [KISCOL] during this year’s December festivities.

KISCOL community relations manager Mathias Mutua said the food distribution also targeted children living with disabilities.

He said the company has allocated Sh 35million for the food program to enable the less fortunate members of the society enjoy Christmas and New Year festivities apart from that set aside for the holy month of Ramadhan.

“During this holiday season we have targeted 30,000 families which are unable to afford a descent meal to benefit from the program,” he pointed out.

Mutua said the food being distributed include maize flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil and wheat flour among other items.

He spoke during the dispatch of the food presided over by the Msambweni assistant county commissioner Lydia Munyi at the company premises in Msambweni constituency, Kwale county.

The KISCOL officer told journalists the 30,000 buckets of food will be distributed to the local constituency and to Matuga, Lunga Lunga and Kinango sub counties under the supervision of government administrators.

He said they have decided to share the little they have with their neighbours who can’t afford food during Christmas and refuted claims that Muslims and people of other faiths are being discriminated in the program.

“Our company also considers children who live with disability who we will visit once schools open to give them their gift,” he said.

Mutua said sugarcane out-growers are also included in the relief package as an appreciation for making the company continue its operations.

On her part the local provincial administrator Lydia Munyi said the local residents will get the food supply through their local chief offices and village elders.

She assured the KISCOL management that the food will reach the targeted groups without any discrimination and vowed to use channels previously used to share relief food from the government.

Lunga Lunga assistant county commissioner Kyalo Kaloki has applauded the company move saying it has come at the right time to alleviate hunger being faced in the county.

Kaloki said the government will work closely with them to ensure there is development in the county.

“The government has tried it’s best to distribute relief food to locals but it cannot to do it alone,” he said.

The local provincial administrator said they appreciate the company move to share food with the local citizens which is a sign of friendship to the community.






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