Understand the Music business first before complaining—Susumila


Just some few days after a section of Mombasa based artists specifically from Likoni came out complaining that they are being sidelined from gigs organised by the county government and that its only few selected, and usual artists that benefit, Susumila one of the main artists who has been in the centre of the controversy and said to be the main beneficiary has come out to share his two cents.

Speaking to Ommy Dallah, Susumila argued that there is a need for local artists(Mombasa) to understand the music  business and how to survive in the game before complaining.

Susumila who is currently in the process of rebranding himself pointed out that the unending wrangles and complains form Mombasa artists has been the main challenge facing the industry thus the reason for its current status.

“The main problem with our artists is that the like to complain alot” he asserted.

He added “The day we will understand how music works and how to survive then that is the day that we will change our industry and take it very far”

The artists from Likoni led by Fat S on Sunday complained to Mombasa County Women Mp Mishi Mboko that they have always been discriminated from county gigs and that they hacve never benefited from them.


Meanwhile Susumila is expected to release his new song with Avril next month, the song is titled “wewe” and has been produced by Mombasa based producer Totti and the video with Ricky Bello.

Here are some pictures from the video shoot





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